Truth and compassion meet together
                            justice and peace connected.

Truth and compassion are met together
justice and peace connected.

The Yeshiva's Vision

Yeshivat Hahesder Yerucham is an institution dedicated to in-depth Torah learning and Avodat Hashem. We strive to see our students and alumni become scholars who view the Torah as the center of their lives and are also committed to the people and communities that surround them.

Our yeshiva strives to implement the verse in Tehillim (85:11):

"חסד ואמת נפגשו"

"Truth and compassion meet"

Our in-depth study of Torah texts and halakhic dilemmas is guided by our passion for truth, while our commitment to compassion drives us to make the world a better place by reaching out to our local communities and extended social circles throughout our lives. 

The yeshiva was founded in the town of Yerucham as an outgrowth of our deep belief that Torah must be connected to Am Yisrael, specifically in a time of kibbutz galiyot as the nation returns to its homeland and flourishes here. This is part of implementing what we study. Our students and alumni teach and disseminate Torah throughout the town of Yerucham, and many of them bring the yeshiva's spirit to their homes and communities around the country, some of which were founded as branches of the yeshiva's vision and way of life.


In light of the war, many of our students and staff members have been called up to serve our country. Though our Beit Midrash is far emptier than usual, we are so proud of our soldiers, their selflessness, and their willingness to stand by Am Yisrael and fight for the values they believe in.

And yet, our pride is mingled with the searing pain of loss. The Yerucham Hesder Yeshiva mourns the tragic deaths of our students and alumni who were killed in battle in recent weeks: Ariel Eliyahu, Yinon Fleischman, Eitan Rosenzweig, Gidon Aloni, Yakir Shankolevsky, Eitan Fisch, Elisha Loewenstern, and Ephraim Jackman. Each of these young men was a world onto himself and the formative years that each one spent in our Beit Midrash left an indelible mark on the yeshiva and their peers. The values that they stood for, and died for, continue to inform our lives and our life choices.

ומחה ה' אלוקים דמעה מעל כל פנים (ישעיהו כה:ח)

“May the Sovereign God wipe the tears off of all faces” (Yeshayahu 25:8)

The Yerucham Hesder Yeshiva anxiously awaits the return of all our students and teachers to the Beit Midrash and the opportunity to continue learning together and growing together. Our passion for Torah and our value system has only grown stronger in light of these tough times, and our vision for the future is as bright as ever.

© Yeshivat Hahesder Yerucham

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